Acne & Blemishes
Essential Oils are
natural and safer
then chemical
Acne is a common skin condition that affects most people at some stage in their
life. It mostly occurs at the adolescent stage in the skin area of your shoulders,
face, neck, chest or back. Our skin produces a natural oil called sebum that
prevents the skin from drying out, but during adolescent period, this oil tends to be
produced in excess.
This excess oil blocks the hair follicles of the skin and this is what leads to
development of acne together with accumulation of dead skin cells.
    Acne can really damage the skin. Depending on how severe your acne is, it can
cause emotional discomfort or the scarring of the skin can make you feel
unattractive, hence the importance of starting treatment early before the scars
cause extensive damage to your skin.
The best way to treat acne is by using essential oils which can be found
incorporated in some beauty products. Essential oils have been proven to work for
centuries and people still trust them as natural sources of medicine in today’s
world. Using essential oils will help clear your skin from acne quickly and
Here are some essential oil that will help you fight acne.

Lavender essential oil – helps to calm and fight blemishes in your skin. Make it a
daily routine by using a moisturizer with lavender or make your own by adding
jojoba and almond oil. Apply the oil to the areas of concern – twice a day.
Bergamot essential oil – has an amazing citrus scent and antibacterial properties
– which will do the magic of eliminating black spots and blemishes on your skin. It
easily combines with coconut , jojoba and olive oils, making it a perfect mixture for
treating acne.
Cypress essential oil – It helps tone the skin, prevent large skin pores and reduce
oil in an oily skin.
Lemongrass oil – It contains Vitamins A which enhance skin cell repair that
replaces the dead skin cells and Vitamin E, which aids to lighten acne spots and
blemish scars.
Frankincense oil – is a personal favorite for most people. It has wonderful healing
and revitalizing properties that help all types of skin. It is a perfect choice for a
healthy and youthful skin without acne scars. Not only will it help with acne, but it
also has effective properties that eliminate wrinkles.
Geranium egypt essential oil – which is green in color when extracted, has a very
strong scent with rich antibacterial and antioxidant properties good for acne
elimination and aging skin.